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Soul Fresh Hypnosis

Personalized Hypnosis Sessions
to Support Your Motherhood Journey. 

About Soul Fresh Hypnosis

Hi, I'm Shannon, a professional hypnotherapist specializing in helping moms during every step of their motherhood journey. I offer prenatal hypnobirthing classes and private customized hypnosis services to help release any fears or problems around pregnancy and motherhood. Other services I offer include fertility hypnosis, postpartum hypnosis, hypnosis for childhood trauma, and PTSD recovery. Book a free call with me to discuss any problems that you are experiencing and learn how I can help you solve it. My goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for all mothers so that they can overcome any issue as quickly as possible. Let me help you on your journey towards a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Soul Fresh Hypnosis, Hypnobirthing Classes & Hypnosis Sessions
Baby's Clutch

Soul Fresh Hypnosis

Soul Fresh Hypnosis Services

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Hypnobirthing classes are designed to help mothers prepare for a calm and peaceful birth experience. Learn techniques to reduce fear and anxiety, and promote relaxation and confidence. Classes available online or in person.

Hypnosis Sessions

Your hypnosis sessions are tailored to Your specific needs so you can overcome your problem as quickly as possible. I can help you overcome fears and phobias,, fertility issues, postpartum symptoms, birth trauma, relationship stress, and many other problems that you are facing on your motherhood journey. 

Childhood Trauma and PTSD Recovery

Personalized hypnosis sessions can help those who have experienced childhood trauma or suffer from PTSD.

I can help you work through your current problem and find relief from your symptoms  My goal is to help you resolve your problem as fast as possible. Most clients achieve lasting results in as little as1-3 sessions. 



“Shannon is a gifted hypnotist. My breech baby turned into the correct position with one session!!! I was told that there was very little chance of her turning because of my irregular anatomy and would need a scheduled C-section. Shannon sent me some visual exercises and instructions ahead of time, and then we had a session together. Her in-person space is very welcoming and relaxing. I felt safe and secure in her presence- she is professional but also warm so you can connect with her and not feel intimidated. She hypnotized me into a place where I could connect with my baby, visualize her moving into the correct position, and release fear and anxiety. She turned that night! This is a game changer and I highly recommend her. I’ve seen other hypnotists and have felt out of control- this was the opposite, it helped me deeper into my subconscious but I was fully present the whole time. If you’re considering working with Shannon, she is amazing and I highly recommend her.””
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